Global Anti-bribery Management System (ISO 37001) auditors

We offer decades of practical, managerial and executive working experience within and with Fortune 500 companies, building, implementing and enhancing compliance programs.

"We want to share positive feedback for Daniel Bleeker and Kerry Keating – they really are experts in this space. The dedication, commitment and professionalism they demonstrate is truly outstanding. Every year, we are impressed with their ability to understand complex information in an effective and timely manner coupled with their thoroughness and attention to detail.

Their collaborative approach, proactive communication, and ability to work closely with our team makes it very easy to work with them. We are privileged to work with such a talented and committed team, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future."

Microsoft CO+I Compliance

Why Choose STEER

Understanding and managing compliance risks as an integral part of your day-to-day business activities is imperative in order to achieve the operational and strategic goals of your company.

In today’s fast changing business world static risk management methodologies, bureaucratic control systems and formalistic compliance programs are no longer suitable to successfully steer your business while properly responding to the various expectations and regulations of your business environment.

At STEER we believe in controls embedded in your business processes and organizational culture that allow operating effectively and efficiently while safeguarding assets and resources at the same time.

At STEER we believe in high ethical standards based on solid compliance programs while at the same time being part of an organization’s culture of integrity.

At STEER we believe in that the goal of obtaining an ISO 37001 certificate is to get confirmation from experienced auditors that your anti-bribery program/management system does what it is intended to do; mitigate the risk of bribery occurring in your organization.

At STEER we believe that ISO 37001 auditors should have extensive practical experience in Compliance in order to efficiently and effectively identify the (non) existence of anti-bribery controls and assess their level of strength to mitigate bribery risks.

With our many years of experience we have learned the critical components to develop strong methodologies and processes in the fields of Compliance, Risk Management, Internal Control Systems and Audit work. We have experienced the challenges to make them become part of a company’s “DNA”. We are looking forward sharing our experiences with you.

What We Offer

We offer value to your ISO 37001 certificate. Our audits assist companies achieving a culture of integrity and strong governance, globally. They provide assurance that very experienced Compliance professionals have thoroughly reviewed your anti-bribery management system and assessed its level of maturity. Although we can not guarantee that no bribery occurs within your organization, we do offer our practical experience of working in Compliance with and for Fortune 500 companies, to further mitigate the risk of non-compliant behavior.

Who We Are

Your Partner for Global Business Integrity Solutions.

We are a boutique firm consisting of professionals with many years of experience in the Senior Management of multinational environments. Our high quality performance has been honored by the management and boards of several companies, as well as by authorities and regulators worldwide. We are supported by a global network of senior consultants, who perform services under our direct management.

Daniel Bleeker

25 years of experience working in Finance, HR, Audit and Legal & Integrity for two “big four” consultancy firms and a globally leading power and automation technology company

  • Has lived in Europe, USA and Middle East/Asia and performed services on all continents in over 65 countries. Established a Global Investigation Unit, and assisted in the development of a state of the art Compliance Program, acknowledged by the US Department of Justice.
  • Managed investigations into Code of Conduct breaches, including fraud, self-enrichment and allegations of FCPA violations.
Kerry Keating

Over 40 years of experience working in fortune 500 companies in the areas of Corporate Security, HR, and Legal.

  • Extensive experience with building and implementing comprehensive Corporate Compliance/Integrity programs for multinational companies to include Code of Conduct, Corporate Directives, Employee Training, Global Whistleblower Programs and Internal Misconduct Investigations.

  • Certified Lead Implementer and Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 37001.

  • Extensive experience with successfully enhancing an existing Corporate Compliance program in response to a Government FCPA sanction/ Deferred Prosecution Agreement ("DPA") against a fortune 200 Company.

  • Has lived in the USA and Europe, and performed services on all continents in over 70 countries.

Our Trusted Partners

STEER maintains partnerships with carefully selected partners for the purpose of complementing our offerings and expanding our geographical reach. Together with our partners we share the same values, ethical standards and business sense.




STEER is the official subcontractor of certification body MSECB and conducts ISO 37001 audits on their behalf. MSECB is accredited by the USA accreditation body IAS.









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Daniel Bleeker

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