Due Diligence and Compliance Screening

Compliance Screening

A screening solution designed to screen customers and third parties against global watch and sanction lists and verify corporate registration, ownership and status, when available. Our process does not rely solely on database driven solutions. STEER’s process incorporates human intelligence into the process to obtain the right data to screen against potential risk.

Red Flag Screening

A screening solution designed to quickly and efficiently conduct comprehensive research and analysis focused on identifying adverse information. The process includes research of open source and public records, print media, blogs and Internet content in English and local languages. This screening includes a brief investigative assessment of the findings.  

Enhanced Due Diligence

A due diligence solution designed to provide a more in-depth analysis of a company and/or individual activities, operations, history, corporate affiliations, professional and personal reputation. All due diligence solutions are tailored to each client’s specific screening requirements and managed by a senior member of STEER’s management team. This solution includes a comprehensive investigative assessment of the findings.

Investigative Due Diligence

A solution designed for high risk situations where clients need a tailored investigative due diligence strategy to address complex, multi-jurisdictional and/or cross boarder matters. This due diligence investigation is managed by a senior team member, which provide clients with consultative and interactive partnership to manage their due diligence requirements. A detailed report of the findings is submitted upon completion of the due diligence investigation.